Health Benefits Vaping and E Cigarettes 


One of the top advantages of using or switching to e cigarettes is the lowered health risk. For people who heavily consume nicotine or engage in actual smoking of traditional cigarettes, they would rather continue smoking than abstain even with the heavy costs. On the other hand, vaping or using just about any kind of smoke free products is a better alternative when you consider the overall cost and benefits; they provide most of the positive effects of smoking with close to no health disadvantage. All these evidences regarding smoke-free tobacco and vaping products and how they only cause minimal risks are heavily based on years and years of smokeless tobacco research. 

Regardless of all these popular myths, certain epidemiology has proven that varying smokeless tobacco has caused to considerable risk for any related diseases. Keep in mind that this does not mean that it's a hundred percent harmless (even though results have consistently displayed otherwise), but it ensures that risks are too low to consider serious. But it's obvious that we have no solid results of epidemiology regarding long-term effects of using e-cigarettes and we probably won't even in the future since e cigarette products are ever changing. On the other hand, we still have solid evidence that states the relatively low health risks; evidence concerning low risk of smoke-free nicotine compared to smokeless tobacco. When we talk about other kinds of exposures as a result of vaping like inhaling the chemicals that come with it, these are thoroughly studies alongside other setting. We can safely say that any risk coming from the use of e cigarettes and e liquid is in the range of risks compared to smokeless tobacco. 

For further reassurance regarding the result of tests, you can research about the personal experience of thousand of vapers out there who have used e cigarettes for a couple of years. Also, from various other formal studies conducted regarding the acute effects, they testify that e-cigarettes cause no real harm or consequences. Due to all these positive researches, studies and testimonies, the U.S. FDA has deemed that the long-term use of any NRT products causes no considerable risk. 

There will always be difference in health effects when low-risk smoking alternatives are concerned, but they are small and speculative. The overall risk that a person is exposed to when using the said products are extremely close to zero that opting for them over smoking greatly reduces the risk; it's like you actually quite smoking.