Some Information about Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping


The dangers of smoking have been advertised extensively to the public and many smokers are trying hard to quit smoking. Some are successful in quitting the habit and some are finding it hard to kick the habit, while others are really not successful to stop smoking. Companies are constantly innovating and manufacturing products to help smokers cut the habit of smoking. They developed gums, nicotine patches, the best e cigarettes and others to help people stop smoking. 

Let us discuss briefly about electronic cigarette, being the newest product introduced to the market. This electronic cigarette looks and feels like real cigarette, with artificial smoke which does not have any tobacco. Nicotine vapour is being inhaled by the smoker without the harmful ingredient of carcinogens. It is composed of nicotine cartridge that contains liquid nicotine, and when the user inhales, there is an atomizer powered by a tiny battery that turns a minimal quantity of nicotine into vapour. As the user inhales, an orange glow at the tip of the e-cigarette shows which is being caused by a small LED light simulates a real cigarette.

Using e cigarette to try to quit smoking has some general effects to smokers. It has been noticed that when smokers go vaping, they undergo symptoms like feelings of detachment, some anxiety and panic attacks, chest pains when breathing when vaping is continued, some light headedness, palpitations, insomnia, sweating and irritability, excitability, and sometimes cannot concentrate. Some would are advised to discontinue vaping, while others have learned to adapt without those negative effects. It is advised for one to have proper diet and exercise to increase the serotonin levels in the brain that would help the smoker adapt to this corrective method. The person should also realize and be aware of the various stimuli when vaping so the transition of the habit will be easier to process. It is suggested that the smoker would find ways to relax as much as possible instead of resulting to vaping. Meditation is a good way to control and have proper breathing and release the tensions while on the withdrawal stage. One can do yoga, swimming, walking, or reading, and other activities to breathe correctly. 

In the end, it is always the choice of the person when his or her body is trying to give out signals. A healthy lifestyle fuels good health in both body and mind. It is advisable to listen and follow these signals if one would choose to nurture his or her body and mind.